Kankyo Emulsion Technology

“KANKYO” means “ENVIRONMENT” in Japanese word. Kankyo Emulsion is a technology of mixing water & oil with additive to produce DIESEL fuel. It provides environmental solution to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. The evolution of emulsification technology in emulsifying the mixture of water & oil into fuel is confirming what is impossible can be possible with innovation & creativity.

Kankyo Emulsion maintains its quality over the long term without the use of a preserving agent. (This was confirmed with Kankyo Emulsion produces on Dec 12, 2014 and tested on Jan 15, 2016) Carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced (by over 40%) with Plasma Emulsion compared to regular refined petroleum products. Plasma Emulsion will make a great contribution to the preservation of natural resources and of the ENVIRONTMENT.

LOCATION Kota Damansara
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Heavy Vehicles and Transportation
  • Boilers
  • Heavy and Agriculture Machineries
PROPOSITIONS Joint Venture Partnership
PROPOSAL DATE October 2022


Understanding Kankyo Emulsion Technology

What is Kankyo Emulsion Technology

It converts water and oil into energy by integrating functional water and base oil by the action of dedicated additive(GTR) for Kankyo Emulsion Technology

The Compositions of Kankyo Emulsion Technology

  • 20% water
  • 60% Light Oil
  • 20% Additive(GTR)

Manufacturing Method

  • Plasma excitation by electromagnetic waves inwater
  • A special catalyst is made in contact with circulationg water to make functional water
  • Stimulates ion transfer reaction by the action of GTR in a vacuum state


Benefits of Kankyo Emulsion Technology

Improve Combustion Efficiency

  • Diesel engines emit a large amount of exhaust gas.
  • Kankyo Emulsion Technology led to reduction of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide.

Omission of carbon dioxide

  • reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the air, this resulting in creating clean and green environment

Big profit by reducing cost

  • combination of water and light oil reduce the cost compared to the ordinary diesel fuel
  • reducing cost meaning getting high profit